Night shift workers are generally defined as employees whose working hours are quite opposite to normal 9-5 working schedule. These employees consistently work at set intervals in a specific number of hours.
A worker who consistently works in night shifts over a period faces a risk to their physical and mental health. Millions of night shift workers must know what kind of risk factors that they are already facing, going to face and how they can overcome the problem or risk factor.
Night shift or Rotational shift works may bring many health concerns.


Short-Term side effects of Shift Work

These short-term health problems are also normally affected in our daily life because of improper intake of food and sleep due to works and journeys
Gastrointestinal problems like stomach upset, motions, sickness, migraine, fainting, low blood pressure, constipation, and heartburn
Less ability to sleep
Decreased quality of life
The general feeling of being illness

Long-Term Health problems due to Shift Work

Coronary artery disease
pregnancy complications
Reproductive problems
Hormonal imbalance
Heart attack
Heart failure
Congenital heart disease
metabolic syndrome
Mood Disorders
Vascular disease

Other problems that affect your stomach problems like ulcer, depression, indigestion there will be increased risk factors for accidents and injuries.

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