Lot of people want to quit smoking, but they may be failed due to lack of tips and ways to avoid smoking. These are the 5 basic questions that a person should know before he/she wants to quit smoking.


How can I stop smoking

  • If you want to quit smoking, take a proper time and think what made you smoke and what kind of smoker you are? This identification will help you in planning to quit smoking and try in that way.
  • Prepare a plan like pick date from coming next two weeks and convey your decision to all and ask them to help you out from nicotine. See more

What is the first step to quit smoking myself?

  • Try something new in place of a cigarette when you want to smoke and carry that thing with you example chewing gum, green tea which will improve your health condition.
  • If you are in a state of an urge to smoke do some exercise or run fast which will divert you from smoking and you will identify that your lungs are weak because you will exhaust fast. See more

Why is smoking very hard to quit?

  • When you smoke a cigarette the nicotine in tobacco is observed by the lungs and through blood, it immediately reaches the brain. on an average, it will take just 7 seconds to reach the brain.
  • Nicotine will relax brain for a few seconds which is a temporary relaxation and gives relief for some time.           See more

Benefits of quitting smoking?

  • You will observe sharp hearing, bright and clean skin and better vision than earlier.
  • Lower cholesterol avoids fatty deposits, thin blood which avoids blood clotting, heart rate comes to normal and controls blood pressure which reduces heart risk. See more

How Does It feel when you quit smoking?

  • You feel very anxious to have a smoke at least once if not one plough.
  • This the power of nicotine where your body is addicted to nicotine.
  • After few hours you sweat even if you’re in a cool atmosphere that is the stage where your body is losing nicotine. See more