Smoking and its effects

Instead of bringing out the dangers of smoking and the effects of smoking, let’s bring out the simple reasons why people smoke cigarettes:

What causes people to smoke?
Why is smoking bad?
Symptoms of the smoking disease.
List of diseases caused by smoking.

What causes people to smoke?

  • People who smoke are starting smoke thinks that it is a great stress reliever
  • Smokers believe it is “fun” and it keeps awake from boredom
  • Smoking partners with alcohol well
  • Smoking keeps your weight down
  • Smoking sometimes helps to speed up metabolism to digest food when there is a heavy meal.
  • Smoking helps as a good conversion tool for a new friendship, especially to employees.
  • Smokers believe that Smoke break could really give them thoughts and ideas when they are in deep shit.


Why is smoking bad?

Smoking tobacco is extremely harmful to health. smoking leads a wide variety of health complications in our body. Smoking effects almost every part of the body some of the effects are immediate like


Brain – Stops blood supply to the brain cells. This results in stroke called cerebral thrombosis.
Eyes – Dry Eye Syndrome which results in damaged blood vessels in the eye. This leads to irritation, itchy and burning sensation in eyes.
Ears – Smoking creates an irritation in the Eustachian tube and lining of the middle ear. Which leads to more sensitive to loud noises and finally causes for hearing the loss in early age.
Mouth – Smoking causes staining on the tooth, gum disease which leads to tooth loss and in more severe cases leads to mouth cancer.
Throat – Smoke absorption results in the damage of the mucous tissues in severe cases causes throat cancer.
Face – Smoking removes face glow and creates bags under eyes and results in premature ageing
Skin – Heat from smoke directly burns the skin and effects on the skin
Blood – tobacco smoking damages blood cells and even damages the functioning of blood vessels.
Heart – smoking creates waxy substance inside the heart and reduces the oxygen and blood flow to the Organs finally results in heart attacks.
Lungs – smoking effects on the respiratory system causes a breathlessness and frequent cough and coldness in long-term cases show irritation in windpipe and chest pain.
DNA – smoking damages blood cells and even DNA which causes cancer of any type in later years.
Stomach – A feeling of irritation and pain in the chest due to semi-digested food in the stomach which causes gastric.
Reproduction and fertility – smoking also causes a more transient toxic effect on fertility in both women and men.
Immune System – Smoking impacts both innate and adaptive immunity of the body.
Muscles and Bones – also diminishes muscle gains from exercise compare to non-smokers and smoking as a risk factor for causing osteoporosis.


Symptoms of the smoking disease

Symptoms associated with tobacco use or a long history of smoking.

  • Shortness of breath due to lung damage because of a long period of smoking.
  • Chest pain due to insufficient flow of blood to the heart due to smoking which may result in a heart attack in coming stages.
  • Difficulty in swallowing is a signal of mouth cancer due to smoking or chewing tobacco.
  • Blood urination without pain is a sign of bladder cancer due to a long history of smoking.
  • A persistent cough due to smoking is a sign of a chronic cough. try helping yourself to quit smoking a nagging smoker cough cannot be ignored.
  • Coughing up blood is a serious sign of haemoptysis which causes due to smoking because of a problem in blood vessels or in lungs.
    Frequent colds, cough and respiratory infections are signs to quit smoking.
  • Smoking leads to change in voice and hoarseness while speaking. Hoarseness invoice for more than two weeks should be checked with a doctor since it is one of the symptoms of throat cancer.
  • Smokers will adopt lower exercise capacity compared to that of non-smokers.
  • weakness on one side of the body restless face and speaking difficulties are the other early stage of smoking symptoms.
  • Leg pain while walking and standing for few minutes this is because of smoking effects on the bone strength of the body.
  • Weight loss without a proper reason.
  • Smoking causes stomach pain and ulcers. It lowers the ability of the liver to handle drugs and alcohol which results in serious health complications and leads to death in some serious cases.

list of diseases caused by smoking.

  • Cigarette smoking is the primary risk factor for Lung Cancer.
  • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) causes due to smoking which shows serious long-term disability.
  • Smoking creates blockages in the arteries which leads to less blood flow and oxygen to the heart and finally results in heart disease (Heart Strokes).
  • Cigarette smoking irritates air passage to lungs and triggers to sudden and severe Asthma Disease.
  • Smoking also shows its effects on the reproductive system in women and reduces the fertility which impacts difficulties in getting pregnant.
  • Smoking causes premature problems like low birth weight.
  • Smoking also causes type 2 diabetes this is called hyperglycaemia which raises blood sugar levels to higher than normal.
  • Smoking also causes many diseases since it damages almost every part of the body disease like blindness and different types of cancers like stomach, liver, lungs, throat etc which reduces the survival rates and makes easy to get affected to other diseases.

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